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Original Route

The route encompasses all 26 streets and stations on the Monopoly board, leaving out the Electric Company, Water Works etc. However there are a few compromises: we don't visit the pubs in the order on the board and in some cases there simply isn't a pub on the actual street. Also we were recently asked to remove a pub from the list (the last one) so you'll have to use on of the alternatives. Public transport is used extensively, so you'll need a Zone 1-2 Travelcard. The times given are the times we expect to leave the pub. An A-Z map might also come in handy. Remember to be careful when crossing the road, especially as the night wears on!

Starting Off

Meet at Elephant and Castle tube station (Bakerloo and Northern lines) at 10:15 to leave promptly at 10:30. Any latecomers can catch up at one of the later pubs. The meeting point is the main Elephant and Castle station entrance, not the shopping centre entrance which is on the opposite side of the roundabout. Follow signs for South Bank University inside the station to reach it.

1. Old Kent Road


Outside Elephant & Castle tube station the 1, 53, 63, 172, 188, 363 and 453 buses go to Old Kent Road from bus stop E near the tube station. Once on the bus, continue over the large roundabout and alight at the Bricklayer's Arms stop. Walk back to the roundabout and go right up Tower Bridge Road. You will see The George on your right.

The George Rating ***
Location Tower Bridge Road, near Old Kent Road Beers Courage Best
Time until 11:10
The George

This pub now opens at 1030 on a Saturday, especially for the pub crawl!


  • The World Turned Upside Down
    The World Turned Upside down is located further up Old Kent Road past the Bricklayer's Arms bus stop. However it is usually closed on a Saturday morning.

2. Fenchurch Street


Cross Tower Hill Road outside The George and get the 42 bus from the bus stop there. There may be other bus routes that go over Tower Bridge so check the bus stop information.This will take you north across Tower Bridge. Alight at the next stop, Tower Gateway DLR station. Continue up Minories and turn left into Crosswall. Continue straight through Crutched Friars until the road becomes Hart Street. At which point take the turn to the right, past The Goose pub and into the square. Enter Fenchurch Street station and go up the escalator. The Raven is behind and to the right. On the last visit, construction work had blocked up the main station entrance, and The Raven appeared to be closed.

The Fen Rating **
Location Fenchurch Street Station Beers Young's
London Pride
Time until 11:40
The Fen

This is a small and quiet pub. There is a good view from the window seats, but there's no time to waste at this point.


  • The Pitcher and Piano
    This is located just under the railway line near the Benjy's.
  • The Windso
    You passed this on the way in, but it probably won't be open. It used to be called the Goose

3. Whitechapel Road


Leave the station turning right at the bottom of the escalators. There is a branch of Benjy's here which sells, among other things, fortifying bacon sandwiches. Leave the square on the right hand side and turn right into Fenchurch Street. Continue until the road becomes Aldgate High Street and cross in front of St. Boltoph's Church. Cross the road via the subway on the corner of Middlesex street and continue in the same direction.

The Aldgate Exchange Rating ****
Location Whitechapel Road Beers Courage Best
Wadworth 6X
Time until 12:00
The Aldgate Exchange

This pub has recently been redecorated and given a bit of an Ikea-style makeover, which is a shame. Still, it still has a reasonable selection of beers. It's also very conveniently located not too far down Whitechapel High Street.


  • The White Hart
    Continue up Aldgate High street, past Aldgate East tube station until you reach The White Hart on your left. This is a nice small pub with a good selection of beer, and the opportunity to sit on the benches outside. It's also very close to the tube station.
  • The Pride of Spitalfields
    This pub is some distance further on. Continue walking past the second Algate East station entrance and take a left up Osborn Street. Continue as this turns into Brick Lane and take a right in a few streets time into Heneage Street.

4. Liverpool Street


There are two options: walk to Liverpool Street or take the tube. Walking may well be faster if the Hammersmith and City line is closed or delayed. To walk, head back the way you came to Middlesex Street. Go all the way down this road past Petticoat Lane and you will see Liverpool Street station in front of you. To take the tube, walk the short distance to Aldgate East tube station. From here take the Hammersmith and City line to Liverpool Street. Walk up into the main station area and go up to street level at the Bishopsgate end. At the end of the station to the right is The Hamilton Hall.

The Hamilton Hall Rating ***
Location Liverpool Street Station Beers Theakston Best
Courage Directors
William Younger's Scotch Ale
Ringwood Old Thumper
London Pride
Abbot Ale
Time until 12:40
The Hamilton Hall

This large bar used to be the ballroom of the Great Eastern Hotel, which explains the ornate ceilings. Time is allowed for those who have not eaten so far to order food here. It's also a good meeting point for people joining late.

5. The Angel Islington


There are two options: the bus or the tube. The bus is a lot less walking but the tube can be faster if the bus takes a long time to arrive. If taking the bus, leave the bar by the entrance inside the station by the toilets. Walk along the gallery to the other end of the station, past McDonalds (another food opportunity). Take the 214 bus from stop C. This will take you through Finsbury Circus and along City Road until it reaches the Angel Islington. Alight just before the main junction where there is a green clock in the road to your left. Cross the side road and enter the passage way marked with a sign for The Old Red Lion. If taking the tube, walk around the back of Liverpool Street station past the UBS building, and then take the road that curves round to the right. Turn left down Moorgate where you will find Moorgate tube station, where you can take the Northern line to Angel. At Angel, walk across City Road at the cross roads, the front entrace to the Red Lion is a short distance down on the left.

The Old Red Lion Rating ****
Location Angel, Islington Beers Adnam's
Abbot Ale
Harvey's Sussex Best
London Pride
Time until 13:15
The Old Red Lion

This is a nice traditional pub with a theatre above it. Enjoy the peace for a few moments before getting on the road again.

6. Pentonville Road


Leave the Old Red Lion by the front door and walk right up to the junction. Turn left and cross, walking up Pentonville Road until you see The Castle on the right-hand side of the road.

The Castle Rating ***
Location Pentonville Road Beers Doom Bar
Time until 13:35
The Castle

Formerly the Pint Pot, this pub is comfortable but not what it used to be. Not much bitter, but its rating has gone up because it serves the excellent Doom Bar! Still, no time to hang around...

7. Kings Cross


Leave The Castle, cross back onto the left side of Pentonville Road and walk uphill to the bus stop. The 30,73 and 214 buses stop here and will take you down to Kings Cross station. It's walkable but better to get the bus. Alight from the bus just outside the station and walk to Platform 8 to find the Duke of York (formerly Coopers).

The Duke of York Rating ***
Location Kings Cross Station Beers Worthington Best
Theakston's Best
Time until 13:55
The Duke of York

Note this pub may be closed currently - alternatives are below. This pub is quite busy, but it has a good selection of beer.


  • O'Neills Euston Road
    Across the road from the station and a bit further up the road.
  • The Champagne Bar - St. Pancras Station
    If you're a high-roller you could take a trip to the champagne bar at the new (at the time of writing) St. Pancras station. Enter the station at the side and go upstairs.

8. Euston Road


Leave the station by the side entrance and up Euston Road past St. Pancras until you reach The Rocket on the right hand side.

The Rocket Rating **
Location Euston Road Beers Tetley's
Time until 14:30
The Rocket

This is quite a modern and spacious pub. Its rating has gone down because, apart from a big selection of lagers, they only serve Tetley's!

9. Marylebone Station


This link is a little difficult. Carry on up Euston Road until you reach Euston Square (note not Euston) station. From here take the Hammersmith & City or Metropolitan line to Baker Street. Once there, leave by the Baker Street exit, turn right then left at the lights up Melcombe Street. Continue up here to Marylebone Station. Enter the station, turn left and go right to the end, where you will find the pub on your left.

The Victoria & Albert Rating ****
Location Marylebone Station Beers Black Sheep
Greene King IPA
London Pride
Time until 15:00
The Victoria & Albert

This is quite a large pub, with a good beer selection. It's also a good place to eat, since there are many food outlets in the station including a Burger King, a branch of Marks & Spencer among others.


  • Sports Bar and Grill
    This pub is untested, but seems to be located close to Marylebone in Melcombe Place.

10. Park Lane


This is probably the longest link between pubs, depending on how reliable London Transport is. Leave the station by the main entrance and walk straight ahead across the road to the bus stop. Here you need to catch a bus to Baker Street, preferably the number 2. The number 2 will take you all the way, but otherwise you will need to change at Baker Street to get a 2, 74 or 82 bus in the direction of Hyde Park Corner. Alight on Park Lane just outside the London Hilton hotel. Continue southwards and take the left hand road, Old Park Lane. At the end of the road is the Rose & Crown.

The Rose & Crown Rating ***
Location Old Park Lane Beers Bombardier
Greene King IPA
Courage Directors
Time until 15:30
The Rose & Crown

This is a comfortable pub with a good atmosphere.

11. Mayfair


Walk back up Old Park Lane and turn right into Hertford Street. Continue to the end and turn left. Turn right in front of the Shepherds Tavern and walk down towards the Kings Arms at the end. Turn left and you will see The Grapes in a the small square of Shepherd's Market, Mayfair.

Ye Grapes Rating *****
Location Shepherd's Market, Mayfair Beers London Pride
Doom Bar
Greene King IPA
Time until 15:50
Ye Grapes

This is a very nice old pub in a lovely location. The beer selection is very good and it's pleasant both inside and outside.

12. Piccadilly


Leave the Grapes and walk straight ahead down White Horse Street. When you reach Piccadilly turn left and carry on for about 200 yards. After passing The Ritz on the opposite side, cross and head down Arlington Street. The Blue Posts is on the corner of this and Bennet Street.

The Blue Posts Rating ***
Location Bennett Street, Piccadilly Beers Courage Best
Theakstons Best
Time until 16:10
The Blue Posts

This is the closest pub to Piccadilly. It's a good place to rest tired legs for a few minutes before carrying on.

13. Pall Mall


Carry on down Bennet Street and cross St. James Street at the crossing. Walk down St. James Street until you reach King Street on the left. You should see the Golden Lion on the right hand side, but it will probably be closed. If so, walk down Crown Passage (to the right of the Golden Lion) to reach the Red Lion.

The Red Lion Rating ****
Location Crown Passage, Pall Mall Beers London Pride
Time until 16:30
The Red Lion

This is a small cosy pub with a rather difficult set of stairs to negotiate to reach the toilets.


  • The Golden Lion
    You should pass this on the way in, but it seems to be closed on a Saturday.

14. Whitehall


Go down Crown Passage to Pall Mall and turn left. Continue until you reach Waterloo Place, cross the road and continue up Pall Mall. Go down Cockspur Street and continue on the right hand side to Whitehall. Carry on round the corner, past the Whitehall Theatre. The Lord Moon of the Mall is on the right.

The Lord Moon of the Mall Rating ****
Location Whitehall Beers Many and varied (it's a Wetherspoons)
Time until 16:50
The Lord Moon of the Mall

Another high-ceilinged Wetherspoons conversion, this is a spacious pub with a lot of beers to try.


  • The Clarence
    This is just across the road from the Lord Moon of the Mall, and will probably be open.

15. Northumberland Avenue


Cross the road, going back to the lights if necessary, and walk down Whitehall past the The Clarence. Turn left here, go down Great Scotland Yard until you reach Northumberland Avenue. Cross the avenue and you'll see The Sherlock Holmes ahead at the bottom of Northumberland Street.

The Sherlock Holmes Rating ***
Location Northumberland Street Beers Boddingtons
Old Speckled Hen
Sherlock Holmes Ale
Flowers Original
Time until 17:10
The Sherlock Holmes

A little corny, but the house ale is worth trying.

16. Fleet Street


Another reasonably long link. Go down Craven Passage to the left of the pub. Now there are two options: get the bus, or get the tube. The bus seems to be the best choice. To get to the bus stop, turn left just before the tunnel and walk up to The Strand. Cross the road (with care), and get the 11, 15 or 23 from stop F to Fleet Street. Stop before you reach Ludgate Hill and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is in a (signposted) passage to your left. To get the tube, keep going under the tunnel until you reach Villiers Street. There are some fast food establishments here for a quick take-away. Turn right and walk down to Embankment Station. Take the District or Circle line going east two stops to Blackfriars. Take Exit 8 from the station and walk up to Ludgate Circus. Take a left here down Fleet Street and about 100 yards on the right is the passage to the pub.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Rating ****
Location Fleet Street Beers Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter
Time until 17:45
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

A famous old pub, apparently rebuilt in 1667. There are several small bars and seating areas. Watch out for the low doorways.


  • The Tipperary
    If Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is shut, cross back over Fleet Street and go into The Tipperary. A bit cramped downstairs but not too bad upstairs.

17. The Strand


Go back out onto Fleet Street and continue walking. There is a McDonalds if more take-away food is required. You can get a bus, but it's easier to walk down. Go past the Royal Courts of Justice, past the BBC World Service in Bush House, and the church on an island in the centre of the road. Just past Waterloo Bridge we enter the Strand where you should see The Wellington straight ahead.

The Wellington Rating ***
Location The Strand Beers Bass
London Pride
Time until 18:15
The Wellington

The bar is long and thin and quite crowded, so best to sit outside if possible.

18. Bow Street


Outside the pub turn left and walk up Wellington Road towards Covent Garden. On the corner as the road becomes Bow Street you'll see the Marquess of Anglesey to the right.

The Marquess of Anglesey Rating ****
Location Bow Street Beers Youngs Bitter
Youngs Special
Youngs Oregon Amber
Time until 18:35
The Marquess of Anglesey

This pub isn't too bad but tends to get too crowded.

19. Trafalgar Square


Leave the pub and cross Wellington Road, following the crowd straight ahead to Covent Garden market square. Walk through to the South West corner into Henrietta Street. Continue straight on, across Bedford Street in the the alley (Bedford Court). Once you reach the end of this turn left down St. Martin's Lane, past The Coliseum and you'll see The Chandos on the left just before you reach Trafalgar Square.

The Chandos Rating ****
Location St. Martin's Place Beers Old Brewery Bitter
Time until 19:00
The Chandos

Another busy pub, but very comfortable if you can find a seat.

20. Leicester Square


Come out of the pub and walk straight up Charing Cross Road away from the square. Cross the road at the zebra crossing just past the National Portrait Gallery. Take a left up the pedestrianised Irving Street which will lead you into Leicester Square. Just round the corner past the Odeon you'll see The Moon Under Water.

The Moon Under Water Rating **
Location Leicester Square Beers Theakstons XB
Theakstons Best
Courage Directors
London Pride
Time until 19:45
The Moon Under Water

Not so much a pub as a long thin room, this pub is constantly very crowded due to its location.

21. Coventry Street


Take a diagonal route across Leicester Square and exit by the Swiss Centre to your right. Here might be a good place for eating - there is a McDonalds, a KFC and a Pizza Hut if you're very ahead of schedule. Cross Whitcomb Street into Coventy Street and then take the first left down Oxenden Street. The Comedy is about halfway down on the right.

The Comedy Rating **
Location Oxenden Street Beers Old Speckled Hen
Time until 20:15
The Comedy

This pub has lost most of its character due to being refurbished, but it does have two spacious bars - one upstairs one downstairs.


  • The Tom Cribb
    At the end of Oxenden Street you'll find the Tom Cribb should The Comedy be closed.

22. Regent Street


Turn right out of the pub past the Tom Cribb and right again down Panton Street. Cross The Haymarket and go straight down Norris Street, near Regent Street.

The Captain's Cabin Rating **
Location Norris Street Beers Courage Best
Courage Directors
Theakstons Best
Time until 20:35
The Captain's Cabin

A bit of a strange pub with an attempt at a seafaring theme.

23. Vine Street


Unfortunately this stop is a bit complicated! Turn left then right out of the pub down Carlton Street onto Lower Regent Street. Head up to Piccadilly Circus, then left down Piccadilly. Cross at the second set of pedestrian lights in front of St. James' Church. Head up Swallow Street and you'll see Vine Street to your right. There used to be a bar on the corner here, but at the time of writing the space is being redeveloped (hopefully into a bar!). Carry on up Swallow Street and you'll pass two of your alternatives on your left: Bentley's Below and Gaucho's. Unfortunately these places are not likely to let a big group in at this time, so emerge onto Regent Street, go to the left and cross to enter Glasshouse Street on your right, where you'll find the Leicester Arms and The Warwick.

The Leicester Arms Rating **
Location Glasshouse Street Beers Unknown
Time until 21:10
The Leicester Arms

This is a fairly run of the mill pub, but at least it will probably let you in!


  • The Warwick
    This is a pub just across the road from the Leicester Arms.
  • Bentley's Below
    This is a reasonably posh bar so difficult to get into. Be careful to go downstairs and not into the restaurant upstairs. It's also not advisable to enter in large groups. Last time we visited they didn't seem to sell any kind of beer at all, so it was whiskeys all round.
  • The Gaucho Grill
    This is a restaurant, but there is a bar as well. It's a little further up Swallow Street just before the corner.

24. Marlborough Street


Come out of Swallow Street onto Regent Street. Turn left and start walking until you reach Beak Street on your right. Cross and go down it until you reach Carnaby Street. Walk up to the top where you will see Greate Marlborough Street with O'Neills on the corner.

O'Neills Rating ***
Location Great Marlborough Street Beers Murphys
Time until 21:40

Quite a spacious pub but it's nicer outside.

25. Bond Street


Unfortunately we have had to remove the pub we usually have here (see the description for details), so we'll have to go for an untested one. Come out of the pub and go left along Great Marlborough Street, you'll see the Magistrates Court in front of you. Cross Regent Street at the end and go down Hanover Street to Hanover Square. Go round the square to the opposite North West corner and proceed down Tenterden Street. On Dering Street is the Hogshead.

Hogshead (untested) Rating Unknown
Location Dering Street, New Bond Street Beers Unknown
Time until 22:15
Hogshead (untested)

The owner of the pub we previously had for this stop has asked us to remove his pub from the site. It appears he was having a lot of trouble from pub crawlers who were very noisy and disruptive. Once again please try to drink within your limits - this kind of thing only ruins the pub crawl for everybody else. If you know of a better choice please let us know.

26. Oxford Street


We don't know of any pubs on this end of Oxford Street, so we have to go for a side street instead. Go out onto New Bond Street, turn right up Oxford Street and turn left about 30 yards further on into Woodstock Street. The Spread Eagle is just round the corner, opposite The Woodstock.

The Spread Eagle Rating Unknown
Location Woodstock Street Beers Unknown
Time until the death
The Spread Eagle

Unfortunately the owners of the pub we used to use have asked us to remove it, so we haven't personally tested this one. Let us know how you get on!


  • The Phoenix
    This pub is on Cavendish Square, close to Oxford Circus. At least one crawler has reported success with this pub.
  • The Last Bid (untested)
    This pub is a little further down Woodstock Street on the right. We haven't tried it ourselves, but the reviews on BITE are reasonable.


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